A full-size front and back sides display of Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl. This very effective poster was designed and constructed by Frances using the “Full Suit” templates that are provided on the “Suit Choices” page.  



Expose the wealthy (1%), the corporations / individuals who influence and corrupt those who were elected to represent 100% (All) of us. Add the face, NASCAR-style patches, party affiliation tie, and other provided extras on our easy to download, easy to use, body templates found in the "SUIT CHOICES" link above.  Select the “Occupied by the 1%” poster, or a full size body, front and back stand-up cutout. Show the world which 1% occupies your state's politicians!

Samples, Instructions, sources and videos make this a fun and revealing project. 

McCain Poster
  A provocative walking poster showing the big money donors to Arizona Republican Senator John McCain. Designed and constructed by Terry using the "Poster" template on the "Suit Choices" page.